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Cleaning inner wheels

So, yesterday I took one of my wheels off to get a look on how bad they are on the inside. As you can see on the picture below they aren't to bad, but there is copious amounts of wheel weight tape on there. All 4 wheels have this...

So I started by taking the wheel off (this is the front left one, if you care to know). Not to bad considering I have had the car for the past 1,5 year, never had the wheels of and it has never had any protection on it. I generally clean my wheels with Megs APC mixed 1 :5.

Now for the stupid amount of tape that is placed on side of the spokes! So right where you can see it. Also note the scratches around the tape. Looks like someone tried to remove it with a wirebrush.

I then cleaned the inside of the wheel with APC and ValetPro Dragons Breath. As the picture shows this didn't do much. It only cleaned up the inside of the spokes.

After this I got a bit sloppy with the pictures. I used ValetPro Citrus and Tar remover on the tape, witch worked really well but you do have to take your time soaking up the tape. After that I clayed the inside of the wheel and polished it with Monelle Raffini. The polishing did nothing to do scratches unfortunately. For some protection I added Rimwax Wheelwax.

This one wheel took me 2 hours to complete! So the others will have to wait for another time. However, does someone have any tips on polishing the inside of the wheel? I used Monello Raffini Finale, which is a finishing polish, by hand and this did not do anything. I do have some Monello Mezzo as well but I think this has to be done by machine to get a good result. I own a DAP with 5" pads, so that's not going to work. And I think the foam things you can put on your electric drill are to expensive.

Do you have any tips? Let me know what you think.
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