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2005 BMW e46 M3, underbody resto

Back in 2013 I bought this, that was it at the premier inn car park as I was working away when I picked it up.


And then sold it after 4/5 months as I was an apprentice and couldn't afford it

37 months later, the owner messaged me to say you can have first refusal on the car,

So even though e46 prices have gone through the roof, especially for late individual models, I thought Screw it. I'll have it back

So here it is back at mine last weekend

In the past three years it's had,

Head gasket
Inspection 2
Oil service
New rear tyres within last few weeks,
New mirror glasses
New steering wheel
New gear knob
Better condition wheels
Replacement boot floor at BMW with new suspension bushes etc
Intravee 2 installed

And probably a few other bits.

I could have bought a cheaper one, but I know this one has had some big expensive jobs done, and it's an individual. Only 50 made for the UK market.

Issues with the car are, the fuel gauge is reading is unreliable, so I've got a new sender to fit.
Locking wheel nut key is damaged and I can't undo the wheels
Some rust spots have crept in, which will be sorted later in the year.

Few pics of the car

Id never heard of the intravee unit but it's got some great options to turn on,

Plans for the car are,
fit a csl style rear diffuser,
renew the gearknob for the illuminated one,
refurbish wheels,
sort a few rust patches,
Diff oil,came with car
New diff bolts
New headlight lenses, came with car
Paint and clean up discs and pads,
Private plate,
New inner boot lights,

Nothing massive just little jobs to tidy it up.

Cheers Paul.

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