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Glorious Modding - The portable Snowcannon

I guess it's been done before, but I haven't quickly been able to dig up a thread in search. Just wanted to let you know of an insanely cool thing (so far). It's not my idea, just relating it here.

I have a Gloria FM10 (still the best hand foamer, IMHO) and drilled a hole into it to mount a car valve. I put it above the 1.25l max fill and pointing towards me, using a size 10 drill (measure your valve first).

Then screwed the valve in first from outside to create a slight thread .. makes it easier for the next step.

Then screwed it in from the inside, so it points outward with its connector correctly. Fix it by holding the inside bit with a screwdriver and putting on the outside mantle.

Then I got me a portable carpump from the chinternet (also available at several shops .. it seems to be always the same model). The pump came with the needed car valve .. nice (I got it from flowmaxx in germany).

Set the pump to 3 bar (maximum the Gloria allows) and launche the pump. Since it stops at 3 bar and wont turn on again till it has 0 bar on its tube, start using the foamer just before 3 bar .. the pump wont reach 3 bar then and continuously pumps ... enough to use the foamer nonstop!

Ok it gets hot .. I'll see how long this 40 Euro pump will last me, but so far ... a fantastic thing.

To see how its done, see this german video. He does exactly what I did:
PS: I immediatly went into the bathroom, foaming its walls .. it works fantastically. Sadly I now have a burning nose ... inhaling snow foam msit is crap :P
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