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Originally Posted by Dr Leather View Post
It can be fixed, but it shouldn't be the case on a new vehicle. It should be right from the factory, and I would be asking for a replacement item fitted as you are going to be unsure if that piece of leather is defective across all the surface in some way.


Dr Leather
I've been driving my car around at night (where you get lots of light at different angles coming onto the dashboard from street lights, to oncoming traffic, to petrol station forecourts etc.) and to be honest, it looks as if its marginally more "satin" around the drivers' end of the dashboard in general (which is where this particular fault is) and quite a bit more matte on the passenger end of the dashboard.

I'm not a leather expert by any means but, if I were to guess, it is as if the top coat of the leather has been applied too thinly on the drivers' end of the dashboard at the factory.

I am currently in discussion with the supplying dealership about this problem. I will have a clearer picture next week hopefully.
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