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Originally Posted by mini-geek View Post
As the title says really, whats the bloody point in washing our cars when all does is RAIN in this counrty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think it's because if it was nice all the time and we could wash our cars whenever we liked it'd be boring!

But yes, I'm totally with you when it comes to the rain. Really really frustrating as it's always on a day when you have the time to really go over the car.

I have to say though, although it was forecasting raing for about now. It showered a tiny amount around 11am and then the sun came out.

I chanced it so rolled the Megane out of the garage, gave the interior a wipe over and vacuum. Then washed and dried it, including all the shuts, rims etc. Gave a once over with CG's Speed Wipe and rolled back into the garage and covered. Well happy the weather held out for me.
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