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BMW E36 Touring oem+

Since I'm sat with not much to do, I figured I'd make a build since I'm visiting this site more often and it's an excuse to post pics of my car

A bit of info on myself first, I'm Scott, 20 and a full time Photography Student in Glasgow. The car is being completely funded by myself and I try my hardest to do all the work myself, but I am fortunate enough to have my father and some like minded friends that have helped along the way

I bought the car in January for 740. 323I with 130K and 3 previous owners.

Before I'd even got the car, I knew I wanted to go down the oem+ route. So this meant finding M-Sport bumpers, wheels and coilovers. I'd thought about Style 32's off an E39 or Throwing Stars from an E34. The Style 32's came up first at a price I could not refuse. Specs are 17x9/8 et 26/20

I was looking for leather sport seats, but after an unexpected surprise in the scrappies, I found a near mint heated interior. Again, I couldn't refuse. I got the whole interior, minus a door card, headlights, and various other odds and ends for 140

In just over a month, I'd collected most of the parts I needed. Can anyone spot the mistake though?

Fast forward a month or two and I was finally given the go ahead to get the car painted. The majority of the work you see here was done by myself, apart from the welding and spraying.

Mid arch rolling test fit

Bang on!

And if I just skip to the exciting part, fresh paint!

Got her all back together with the wheels and coilovers fitted

Then I started to dial in the height. I'm almost happy with it

She's sitting in the driveway at the moment, waiting for the wheels to be picked up from the powdercoaters (I kerbed two)

This is the most recent pic

I'm now at the stage where the paint is thoroughly cured and can apply some polish/wax. I'd like to but a DA, but we'll see how many pennies I have!

Thanks for looking, I know it's a lot to read
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