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Detailingworld™ Review - iVo OrbiPro Cordless Orbital Polisher

Detailingworld™ Review – iVo OrbiPro Cordless Orbital

Thanks To Russell at for sending out the polisher for reviewing

For more information on the Polisher have a look here:

For this purpose we will be looking at the use as a polisher but has more uses – can be used as cordless car polisher, cordless orbital floor scrubber, cordless sander, cordless dry carpet cleaning machine, cordless stair scrubber and so much more….

The Product:

The Product Arrived Really well boxed and in its own case along with a charger and some accessories. A cordless Polisher powered by Lithium-ion 18v batteries.

The case -

What Orbipro Say :

Our iVo OrbiPro is the first high powered cordless orbital tool. The orbital technology is very powerful, and means the OrbiPro can be used for a huge variety of tasks, including scrubbing, car polishing, sanding, stairs cleaning, altro floor cleaning and dry carpet encapsulation cleaning.
The OrbiPro runs from a rechargeable battery which has an average runtime of 2-3 hours, and a charge time of 1.5 hours. With a variable orbital speed from 1300 to 3800rpm, this tool is incredibly versatile and can be used for a very wide variety of applications.
Available in a complete kit form, the OrbiPro comes with a variety of attachments, a hard shell case, and an iVo storage bag for the attachments. Take a look at the video below to see this machine in action as a cordless car polisher, cordless orbital floor scrubber, cordless sander, cordless dry carpet cleaning machine, cordless stair scrubber and so much more….
The iVo OrbiPro has a wide variety of different brush, scrubbing, sanding and cleaning attachments. Take a look below at the various attachments and where they can be used.

The Method

In the first instance we compared it to a Rupes Machine for size

Then with a few different pads fitted

The build quality is sturdy – the only concern would be the trigger I would prefer to have a more traditional button press – the trigger can be kept on with the little button.

The Battery has a power indicator and this version came with two batteries

And you can see the speed controller at the top of the handle in this one

The battery charger

Onto Testing – We just used a finishing pad with some Light Polish to give you an idea on how it performs

After Polishing this is the panels -

A Little More Detailed look at the polisher -

You can see on the battery a charge indicator

Speed indicator

To give you an idea on how it sits in use

And on an angle

The unit can be fitted with a 3" backing plate instead of the 5" one

OrbiPro RRP is 299.99 +Vat with Two batteries ( Special Offer at the moment normally only comes with one battery)

Would I use it again?:

Yes - For me I would use more for light work and spot repairs but Certainly has a place – its great for quick use – i.e to apply a AIO or to correct a panel –This is very capable machine that has good power and you would be able to correct a car with it. Its a similar weight to a normal corded machine but without the worry of the cable.

Think this would be ideal for those that say live in a flat and don’t have power – Perfect for Spot repairs and quick change between different polishes etc – The battery life I believe will be great this version came with two which would give you a good 90mins + on high speed.
I didn’t like the trigger mechanism – which I believe could be improved but once used to it was easy to use as the small button on the side allowed it to be locked off – but it does protrude down quite a bit – I would also like to see the battery position higher than it currently is as I feel you do need to keep an eye out when polishing not to drop the back end – This is a high powered cordless polisher and at the moment I Don’t know of anything else that compares ,it’s a quite capable machine and on the panel I used gave great results -

Thanks for reading

"DW has followed the Manufacturer’s Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "
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