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Originally Posted by Harry_VW View Post
how long does it last?
Originally Posted by Robbi Hong Kong View Post
Can you put it in a foam cannon?....thinking i could coat under carriage...

I'm sure I've read the answers to these questions in a thread somewhere...
oh yes I remenber it was this one!

Originally Posted by Bilt-Hamber Lab View Post
Product is best used AFTER washing, it can be sprayed over the wheels and brakes plus it should be used over the entire under carriage after washing. ...- it can be applied by pump spray, trigger spray or power washer.
Originally Posted by Bilt-Hamber Lab View Post
It's a applied post each wash - where it finds its way into crevices and voids it will emit its inhibitors for weeks / months, on open surfaces it wont be as durable. Where it is used on a car before storage will last 12 - 24 months. Used routinely on a wet car over winter it will prevent road salt damage - use after each wash.
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