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Thanks for all the advice guys, I've never had issues in the past and tbh I've usually soaked a bit of tar and glue remover, used my pressure washer at an angle to blast the badges and most of the glue off then remove the rest with more T&G remover. I had actually reached the end of daylight by the time I'd tried petrol with this, I didn't think heat would be too conducive with it being absolutely rock solid but I shall give it a go next time. A hairdrier and a bit of patience will serve me well I hope.

I didn't have any tardis to hand which is normally my go to T&G remover as I find it is absolutely savage to most things bonded to the paint so if the heat is struggling I'll have to order some in and try that.

All failing I will try the Eraser wheel method thank you.

I didn't want to try a blade, wet and dry or de nibber as I would probably end up really gouging/damaging the paintwork knowing my luck! Honestly this stuff is spikey and harder than nails, pics don't do it justice! I will try to have a go at it this weekend with some heat and shall report back, thank you guys
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