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Originally Posted by kingswood View Post
i break them regulary. and its fun. and safe. speed doesnt kill, stupidity does.

speed limits are there for one reason, for people to stupid to judge the conditions.

cars have improved in all manners of saftey and stopping since the 70mph was introduced. granted peoples reactions times havnt changed much since we were been chased by dinosaurs but if 70mph was 'safe' in the 70's with all round drums and your face as the crumple zone then the limit needs re-looking at now.

for those speed limit lovers answer me one question and i'll do all the speed limits in the land:

'why do i have to do 20mph going past a primary school at 2am in the morning?'
Totally agree with this but, and its a huge but, if we raise the speed limits as i think they should be it just encourages the idiots who as you say can not engage brain and evaluate the conditions and judge what is safe just to go even faster and be more dangerous.

Pretty much like anything in life the possibilities are there for it to be better but we/some will only go and spoil it for everyone through selfishness.

i'd rather have more unmarked cars on the road pulling people for stupid/careless driving
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