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Detailing at Double Speed
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Originally Posted by Bill58 View Post
I found that you get a better cut with the smaller pads which I put down to concentrating the work effort on a smaller area.
Exactly so

Originally Posted by Pars_Andy View Post
So it would be worth trying a less abrasive polish and pad first? I had to use 105 and hexlogic orange pads on the rest of the car so I should try white pads with 105 with the smaller pads as a tester? I actually had to buy lake country 3" pads as the chemical guys hexlogics were out of stock so I guess they might behave differently anyway.
Should I lower the speed of the DA as well? I used a speed of 5 when working the compound with the 5" pads
I don't know if it will make that much difference, but certainly something to bear in mind when you're using the smaller pads, that you might need one less pass, or to apply a bit less pressure.
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