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I agree, it is surprising how people can become wealthy through very imaginative means and the ability to get out of bed early and graft.

If anything with the way the economy is running at the moment I believe the opportunities for this are probably widening.

If there are any forumites who are in their early 20s, without any ties but with a trade or skill, I cannot urge you enough to at least try a spell in Canada, Australia or New Zealand. They will welcome you with open arms and your money will go a lot further there. My cousin emigrated to NZ having married a Kiwi who was working and living in the UK. With the sale of their relatively conventional semi-detached house in the UK they could afford a 5 acre ranch and lovely house with cash to spare. I feel like our youth are being kicked in the teeth too much in the UK and conned into the university route with comes with a 30K guaranteed debt rather than a job attached. The country needs a radical overhaul and has lost it's Britishness in my view, the kind of can do attitude it had back in the 50s when the place was skint.
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