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Originally Posted by Bug Sponge View Post
Cheers Alex, what are the benefits of the Total Stop?
Total Stop is the Kranzle name for the motor and pump shutting down entirely when you're not pulling the trigger (which is the norm for a lot of other consumer machines). The base version of the HD7/122 (which I have, I bought it specifically to run it off rain water in a water butt) does not shut off when you release the trigger, it just puts the pump into a bypass mode.

I think of it like a car engine. When you stop at the lights, the engine just ticks over. Total stop is like having start-stop on your car.

Benefits - reduced wear on the parts, reduced noise when not using the machine (although the K7 really is not very loud at all when in standby mode).

I wash my car on the driveway in front of the garage, and the PW lives just behind the door. So when I'm not using it, it's easy enough to take three steps and switch it off. I'd take the money you save by not buying the TS version and put it towards quick connects for the lance and hose (which Alex did offer as accessories with the last GB if I recall correctly).
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