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thanks again guys.

I tried again on my seat pod today (black plastic) and had the same results

I'm hoping its what Gary (RR) says i.e. not breaking it down enough. But i am using / applying it like i would HD-C maybe this is wrong....on certain surfaces..? I wonder if Swissvax cleaner fluid is the same?


This is my seat pod after a wash and clay:

Using a blue spot pad and 85RD i polished untill near dam it perfection. Not got a pic of this.

DODO LP applied in straight lines using a foam pad this time as suggested:

buffed off: This does look like circular swirls but they do go in lines, the brinkman pics it up like circles :s

IPA wipe down after DODO LP

Polished again with 85RD

IPA after 85RD

HD-C applied with foam pad side to side:

buffed off:

IPA after HD-C

It is a strange one. When i do my metal tank i will apply LP via a blue spot pad as Gary suggests and break it down. I will do half by hand aswell.

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