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Originally Posted by burger View Post
What about Wolfs Brake Buster

I used it the opther day and here is a little review:

I can only see me using this and AS Smartwheels.
Burger, greatly appreciated. This is what the P21S also looks like, so they are perhaps not that different?!? Anyway,

Originally Posted by matt1263 View Post
Find what works for you, this is the internet and is only advice, search, search again and then try to buy a sample.

If you lived in manchester you could have a sample of Brake Duster for free
Yeah, I'm using a friend I have that has his own detail shop too, and then the internet and my own experience. But ordinary soap doesn't cut it and don't have access to a PW. Something a little harsh is required now and then....
One of the great things about this forum and the UK shops are the significantly larger supply than in Denmark. Big disadvantage is shipping fees climbing to well over 10. So two bottles of something becomes expensive.
Larger orders are preferable and therefore, I'm searching searching and searching

But guys, your answers are greatly appreciated!
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