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Originally Posted by stangalang View Post
As with all things, they aren't all equal. If you compare the G3 mit to just about any clay bar you will hate mits, the quality is atrocious as are the results. But then, you bought cheap, so got the results you paid for. If you buy a quality towel, say the tac systems towel, the results will be different. More removal, less marring, and a quicker tool full stop due to folding

I have a hunch most people who tried and hated "mits" as a generic term, cheaped out and bought the G3 mit and tarnished all tools with the same brush
I am a professional detailer, working 7 days a week from my own studio. I haven't used an actual clay bar for around 6 years since I first brought them in to the country, other than to prove to people they are better than clay bars under controlled lighting
Well I have to admit the only clay bar alternative I have used is the Farecla G3 so my above comments 'I prefer a clay bar' are indeed based on this comparison.

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