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Arrow BMW M3 CSL (stunning example): Gleammachine Detailing.

BMW E46 M3 CSL (Coupe Sport Lightweight) UK production 422 units.

An extremely low mileage CSL, 6756 miles to be precise. A recent investment by my client, and the brief was to take an already fine example onto the next level.

All work below carried out over the course of 5-6 days.

Starting off with the number plate removal, these are to be replaced later in the detail.

Washed and de-contaminated, sorry for the lack of photo's here.

Once inside and all dried off, time to protect the vunerable areas and limit any polishing dust getting in the gaps.

Typical defects below requiring a light cutting approach, results prior to any refinement.

Carbon roof generally had some light defects.

Rear lights and roof strips machined.

Paintwork refinement stages of polishing.

Britework polished.

A few other small areas tended to.

Engine bay and underside cleaned and treated.

2 layers of professional grade ceramic coating by Siramik Glasscoat.

Interior given the usual clean and tickle.

Rubber seals cleaned, nourished and preserved.

Alloys and tyres protected and treated.

Number plate holes covered and replaced with some aluminium tape.

Icing on the cake and final task was to secure the new plates.

Finished results.

Thanks for looking, be sure to check out my social media pages for regular updates on future commissions.
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