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First go with BH Surfex HD.

Wow. This stuff is amazing. In the last 17 or so years I have been restoring classic cars I have used all sorts of degreasers, but this just blew me away when I cleaned my engine bay today. My daily-driver is a BMW E34 525i, 12 years old, and the engine bay has never been cleaned. I only had to spend half an hour and it's now spanking. The solution used neat is almost too powerful, and works even better when wetted with water. This is different to every other water-washable degreaser (Gunk/Jizer etc) that I have used. They go grey and lose their power, whereas with Surfex water merely increases the amount of degreaser working on the grime. (There's probably a scientific process going on here..) Dilutes about 5:1 it had awesome cutting power through all the crud.

Bl**dy well done lads, I will be buying a shed load more of this stuff!

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