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Wash induced marring?

So I have posted a number of times now asking for help with my black seat ibiza.

I have tried many different methods to remove swirls from my paint and have generally improved the finish.

After the initial correction it looked great but after washing for the first time, I could see very fine marring in the paint and came and asked for help. I had overlooked the importance of IPA wipe so I bought IPA and tried again but had little success in improving the paint further. I won't type up everything I have done as its quite long but essentially I think my paint is soft as I had a go on my drivers side door with Menz 3500 and a white pad. Following 100% IPA wipedown, the paint looked great. I sealed it with autoallure toughseal. I've been keeping my eye out all week and haven't noticed any imperfections in the paint apart from a small area I may have missed right at the bottom of the door.

Heres an image prior to sealing:

And a quick inspection showing no swirls:

Today I have washed the car with clean equipment and a 2 bucket method + grit guard. (Shampoo - AG Body conditioner). It now appears that the same marring has returned to some extent.

This is from today:

Vid from today showing the same door with imperfections:

Just for evidence that my equipment isn't dodgey, here is a pic of my lower body wash mitt and drying towels.

My wash process involves fully soaking the car with a hose, using a 2BM to wash the top half first, then the bottom half. I dry with blotting with a waffle weave and collect any missed areas with a microfibre towel.

I'm almost at the point of giving up on trying to sort it out! I know black cars are notorious but I just seem to go round in circles with this issue! I think its wash related based on the direction and length of the marring (appears to be similar to the direction and length of a swipe I would take with the wash mitt).

Any ideas on how this issue could be solved would be great! Thanks

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