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Originally Posted by Christian6984 View Post
have to admit they appear to be clean enough, do they go through the washing machine before you use each time?

How dirty was the car and any use of snow foam or pre wash?
The car wasn't too bad. It has done 250 miles max this week and it hasn't really rained too bad while I've been on the road. Just standard thin film of dirt.

Regarding the washing between each car clean, I would be a liar if I said I ALWAYS wash them between. But I had washed them all prior to this wash as I wanted to rule out as many factors if the marring returned. I wash with non bio gel tab and white vinegar in the softener section of the drawer.

I don't use any snow foams or pre washes. My hopes were that an initial correction then a good wash once weekly would be a cost effective way to keep car in good shape but as most, the costs keep creeping up!

In terms of shampoo, I think the AG shampoo suggests two caps and I tend to use roughly 3 - one in bottom of bucket, one on the mitt and one inside the mitt. I tend to do a bit more than a cap for each of these as I just squirt it instead of dosing with the cap.

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