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Engine Bay Fitting

Now all the components for the engine bay are finished its time to fit them all...

First of all the crossover section is to be removed as this really stops most of the components from being worked on...

then the rocker cover is removed as i have a new one delivered from the bodyshop

the new one has been professionally sprayed to a shade i wanted to get a good juxtaposition of colours under the bonnet between my hoses and the chrome....I just didnt think white would highlight the colours well enough

and while the crossover was off the heatshield was fitted aswell

Brake fluid reservoir and cap fitted

and tops

and then the braided breather pipe fitted

Now the spark plug cover looked like it had a bit of flake in it so i decided to polish it up and see if i could work on it....

The cover was cleaned then hd-cleansed for a nice oily wet finish

and buffed off

the results are nice

Next oil filler cap put in place

and fuel rail fitted

then the black tophat removed to be replaced with the new chrome one

so now the back end almost fitted

Next was the transfer pipe which had been the hardest part to make , VX Racing hoses fitted and ready for installing

Jubilee clips all zaino z2pro,ed aswell x 3 layers

and hoses fitted

The chrome crossover is then refitted

Battery cover fitted

and 2 fuse box covers

Now the Air Mass Meter i knew would spoil the overall effect of the pipework running across the engine as it connects pipes with a large plastic part in the middle so i had a replica made to slot into place replicating a chrome interconnect and after 4 attempts it fitted perfectly and was bonded into place

Next an ITG Performance air filter was placed into position in place of the standard paper one

and the airbox cover and pipework was completed

Air Mass Meter connected up to give the straight through pipe , chrome look

Now one last detail i wanted to change was the Vauxhall Griffin on the front of the car so removed the front grill

and removed the Griffin

which left a plastic circle which needed drilling to fit the new badge through as the new badge had been made for me with a backed locking plate

new badge checked for fit

Locking plate fixed into position and locked

and new badge fitted

So after 5 hours my engine bay was fitted



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