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Ice Install Day 1

Now the ICE for my car was really a situation where I knew what I wanted but didn’t want to go down the route of giving the car to someone and them just doing it, I wanted a professional OEM look for it and advice on what to get etc... I wanted a SQ setup not SPL and everything to be fitted discreetly and no max power builds anywhere with masses of fibreglass and NOS bottles..

I could have gone with the likes of some of the big names in installation like Sonic Frontiers, Plush or SQ+ but I really wanted this to be a project that had an OEM look and to be done by someone who wanted to do it for passion, so I contacted a guy who I had seen across a few forums and by word of mouth from Mercedes and who had been in the ICE game for over 20 years, a guy called BasilD .......... His installations, that I had viewed prior, were exactly what I was looking for, so we agreed a plan where by he would do my install and I would make sure for the next few years his car would glow and bead like a mutha...

We started by meeting up and chatting about what I was after in terms of Sound and look and from there Basil made numerous recommendations to me. I already had a few bits and pieces and Basil recommended some good matches to go with it.......

I was quite lucky in that I have a Diamond Audio Reference Series D7056 - 6 channel amp that would power the whole system enough for me...

I did actually strip this down and clean and wax the chrome surround wearing an anti static wristband, and the amp has come up well bling.. I actually used ***** Destiny on this.

Now, this is the gear I have minus all the Dynamat Extreme soundproofing for my install..

List of equipment in the picture above:

· Front components: Rainbow CS 265 P Van Phase - Profi Vanadium Line 6-1/2" Phase 2-Way Component System

· Power/earth, remote wire & fuse block: 4AGW JL Audio kit (XB-PCS4-1)

· Audio interconnects : 3 x JL audio Premium 3.66m/12ft (XB-BLUAIC2-12)

· Speaker wire: 70ft JL audio Premium (XB-BLUSC12)

· Amplifier: Diamond Audio D7056 6 channel amp

· Headunit: Pioneer AVIC-HD3BTII (2 din: DVD, Sat Nav, Bluetooth, HD disc)

· Sub: JL Audio 10W3V3-4

· Rear speakers: CDT Audio CDT CL-6EX - 6.5" Coax Speakers

· Fascia Kit: Connects2 Double din fascia Kit (CT23VX05A) (includes cage)

· CANBUS Steering wheel control adapter: Connects2 (CTSVX002 & CTPIONEER)

· Subwoofer Grill: Auto Acoustics (custom design by me)

· Amp cover: 8mm Clear Perspex®

So starting up in Leicester at 1pm the car is slowly taken apart....

All seats, trim and interior removed

the car is then totally empty

The very expensive penny tweeters (below picture)

and the wiring loom running down the sides of the car, not very neat, Basil informed that this would all be tidied up, as like me, it makes him feel ill looking at it...

Now this I was really upset about, although you couldn’t see it as it was under carpet it was there.....I asked Basil if it was possible to get to this after the ice install was done, so I could get it re-sprayed over as it ruins the white...Absolute vandalism of my car when building...

We discussed soundproofing and Basil basically said if you don’t soundproof it’s a waste of time because it so important. After sitting in his car I could hear why...The bass is so much deeper and outside noise is at least 50% quieter......We decided to Dynamat Extreme the whole car, except roof as I was not concerned about this, plus it was a serious amount of work...

Basil started to run the cabling

The power supply cable from the battery is run in braided nosing and then covered in corrugated/split tubing (in the engine bay only) and run through the bulk head, using an new rubber grommet in an existing rubber grommet...

Everything braided and run down the side sill in OEM cabling ducts

Next onto the sound deadening, which started as dusk set in

The Dynamat® Extreme is heated up with a heat gun to make it more pliable and easier to stick down. The backing peeled off and it is stuck into place

it is then rolled onto the surface using a Dynamat roller to ensure it is stuck on properly.

Now this took a good part of the day and by time we got to the soundproofing it was getting dark.....Basil has got a reputation as a hard methodical worker but I didn’t realise that meant 3am in the morning, which is when he finished for day be honest I fell asleep at 12 which is when my last photo was taken.....

I came to the conclusion Basil is either very passionate like me or a Broadmoor escapee.

This upset me terribly and I asked Basil to allow me to remove it before continuing which he did.....Phew!

nice 10 p speakers

end of day 1

Day 2

Well I woke up at 8am and Basil was already in full swing. He said he only slept for 4 hours on average and had restarted so after yesterdays 14 hours he was off again....

He had been busy

The whole of the car was almost done including under the carpet and the sides

Now it was my turn to get involved, as Basil wanted me to mask up the wheel well ready for fibreglassing later on in the day, if we got time...

This basically involved using masking tape to tape up the whole wheel well so that it could be waxed and fibreglassed and then lifted out. Like greasing a baking sheet I suppose.....

While I did this Basil continued to Dynamat® the front of the car and inside the doors

I continued doing the well till I was happy with it

The inside of the doors was then finished and the difference when tapping the outside of the doors was amazing....

The wheel well was taped in masking tape to make the Sub Box enclosure, so that it would sit snuggly in the well and free up space in the boot, as I was adamant I did not want a sub box in the boot taking up space...

The rest of the wiring then had heat shrink applied to the ends of the braiding and checked for absolute length

Now it was time for the rear speakers to be fitted but not connected up...We spoke about this and I know Basil spent over 15 hours testing various makes of speakers with my set up and sub to match up the equipment. Big thanks to Car Electronics for putting up with Basil at this stage.

I also know that the result was that we went for a very neutral sounding set of CDT’s in the end...

CDT Audio CDT CL-6EX - 6.5" Coax Speakers

Model: CL-6EX (6.5" Coaxial)

Midrange: 6.5"

Mounting depth: 2.5"

Crossover: separate in-line 12 dB.

Tweeter: 3/4" silk dome Tweeter for perfect imaging

Power handling: 90 watt

Frequency response: 60Hz-20kHz

Sensitivity: 91.3 dB.

Impedance: 4 Ohm

The rear speakers has a foam ring applied to ensure a airtight seal

The speaker wiring was then fed through the car from the rear to the front doors, ensuring that their was sufficient length and cable tied into place every 4” to 6”

and all the original Vauxhall wiring was tidied up and cable tied and wrapped

and then neatly put together and cable tied to look how it should look, professional and organised

The flies loved my roof landing

The front of the car was then concentrated on; mainly the doors and dynamatting now that the insides had been done, time for the (inside) outer layer of the door

And the door finished with my original 10p speakers fitted back on so I had some sounds until the ICE install is finished....

My Bluetooth module is then fitted and the wiring run for my Bluetooth microphone behind the headlining and down behind the front A pillar trim. Visible is the tensioner for the Curtain Airbag....

Now when Basil started doing the fronts I asked him if he could take 15 minutes so I could get rid of all this behind the door as it would drive me crazy knowing it was there...Horrible sticky glue from the original weather seal.. grrrrr,,,.....

So he did for me...

So fronts now complete and time for the head unit to go in...

I got a very, very good deal on a Pioneer 30gb HDD Double Din unit (AVIC HD3II-BT) for the car....I wanted this over the Alpines etc due to it having almost all the modules built in as well as steering wheel control compatibility, which is a problem with some after market Double Dins....This was done via a module by Connects2 and the Pioneer was now fully versatile with my car....The £0GB music jukebox built into the Pioneer also swung in its favor

I also wanted hands free voice recognition so I can phone via voice and change tracks etc so this was my first and only choice really...

now the Pioneer is installed using a Connects2 fascia Kit (this includes the correct 2 Din cage to fit the Astra) just the crossovers to fit on the doors and day 2 is finished

Total time taken today 10 hours...

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