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Originally Posted by crxftyyy View Post
In general, I use majority AF but I'm experimenting more now I've been working on more vehicles

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There are very few universal recommendations, but a few that spring to mind would be:

Car Chem 1900:1 - a quality shampoo at a great price (especially if you get it while on offer!) The rest of their range is also well worth a look - currently working through 5 litres of their fallout remover.

Bilt Hamber - one of the great car care brands IMO - Finis and Double Speed-Wax, Surfex HD degreaser and APC, Cleanser Polish paint cleaner and polish, Hydra Wax liquid carnauba, Auto QD, Auto Foam snow foam / prewash, Auto Wash shampoo, their clay is very good (and good value, too), plus all their anti-corrosion stuff...

Finish Kare - Their FK1000P paste sealant, #2685 paste wax and #425 Quick Detailer are all classics

Serious Performance - I particularly like the Ultra Gloss Paint Cleaner, but there's a whole range of hidden gems here, at cracking prices - the metal polish is another one actually, if you want something that will clean and shine without being too aggressive

Britemax is another much under-appreciated range - I'm a big fan of their Blackmax "polishing glaze" and Vantage paste wax, but all their gear is worth a look.

Auto Glanz - Another range that's well worth a look, with a range of AIO polishes, QDs, LSPs that all use a similar chemistry base and hence can be combined in a way you wouldn't necessarily be able to by mixing and matching.

Sonax - I think of them as the German Meguiars - huge outfit, selling in enormous volume and hence able to spread a considerable R&D budget over many many units sold. As such, they offer cracking value for money in many areas (eg Polymer Net Shield sealants), or products that are best in class, eg their Perfect Finish polish.

I could go on - but go and have a browse a few manufacturer's websites - as the saying goes, "use what you like, and like what you use"

As Gonz says above - you could have the absolute best products for every category, ultimately it's your skills in using them that determine the quality of the end result

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