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Wondered whether we'd have a new one, or just keep using last season's

Well, it's well documented that Newcastle's window is not going as Rafa planned. Delays and generally nobbery meaning we've missed out on players he thought we in the bag.

Couple of decent signings in Murphy and Joselu but both need to settle and develop. Managed to shift a few high-earners this week so hopefully bring a couple in. Gayle might be on his way to Fulham, so will need to be replaced. No idea who it'll be.

As for the season, utterly ridiculous that Mitro got done retrospectively after trial by highlight shows, while in the Huddersfield match a couple of weeks ago one player stamped on Newcastle lad and Mbemba was essentially assaulted by a Hudds midfielder and neither incident was even shown. Apparently it's now 94 premier league matches since an opposition player has seen red against Newcastle. 94!
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