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When to use Zaino Z6 / Z8

Obviously Z6 is a quick detailer with some degree of UV protection (as it says on the bottle), and Z8 is a spray sealant, both of which ideally meant to be used after washing with Z7. Since applying 2 coats of Z2 about a month ago I’ve only washed my car once and gave it a quick wipe down with Z6 and am now wondering when is best to use the Z8?

Do I continue to do a Z6 wipe down after every wash until the beading starts to ‘loosen up’, then start using the Z8 in place of the Z6? Or should I do what some on here say which is to alternate between Z6 and Z8 after washes – is this better? Or should I just use one until I’ve finished the bottle then use the next? Or can the products be used together for best effect?

Which is the most effective way to use both these products to get maximum shine and protection without compromising the Z2 layers below?


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