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Like Auto Finesse Lather, provided lots of lather and I found that I ended up using less wash solution compared with rivals. I do go through more than I probably should generally, tending to fill/top-up two wash buckets per wash alongside a rinse bucket and another for the wheels. But I often leave my car for 2-3 months between contact washes.

Megs NXT wash is another favourite of mine, really good suds on this one. Hard to measure out as it's really thick. I got two 2L bottles on Amazon for 6 each. Basically, was on Amazon and one trader had put low product prices alongside extortionately high postage prices, but when I bulked up on just everything it cost me next to nothing.

Used to really like BH Auto Wash, but don't seem to get on with it as well, I used 15-20 ml in my 20L bucket last week and was struggling to get a decent lather. Gave it a good few bursts in my wash bucket too with the PW lance. My water is 'slightly hard', but that shouldn't make too much of a difference.

AG Bodywork Shampoo & Conditioner is another one that I've used, but I do need a lot to get any level of suds from it, but I don't believe that is designed to sud up that much. Smells nice this one, in the past I have tended to use this for maintenance washes if I am not intending on doing anything else, as it does leave a little something behind. I don't believe that it has a lot of cleaning strength though, I used it in a bucket for my house glass windows and it took a lot of effort to clean anything up.

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