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Ok guys 340R time, turned out to be a pain in the ass this one... First off it's in mint condition although very dusty and quite light dirt but everywhere! I was a bit cautious with the products i use something on the chassis which in strong doses can ruin alluminum and polished metal, i've found the perfect balance and technique for this product on the inside chassis. The problem was this car has lots of different metal finishes so was probably a bit over cautious in the end but it turned out ok, haven't done a full clean on the outside yet waiting for a later date (just polish, wax etc). Not only that but unlike the elise which is a pain in the ass anyway to get to the footwell this has no doors and lots of bits in the centre so it's a very tight squeeze, should probably make my own Elise Sutra book or something. Anyway, i went in **** first and these are the results.



And just a quick Elise i did, the colour has grown on me somewhat...

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