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The progress continued by way of cleaning up more interior pieces which were plastered in muck and mound..

First up the carpeted dash pieces which fit behind the gearstick console. They'd developed mould and we're disgusting on both sides.

And after

Then moved on to the lower rear bench. Again stained, covered in bits and slight mould

Satisfying results again, loads of muck came out of them. Slight damage to one but that could be repaired at a later date if a better condition one didn't become available in the meantime.

Another piece cleaned up on the gearstick housing, much of the interior plastics were in fairly sound condition once cleaned. A replacement gearstick gaiter would definitely be required as the original had begun to disintegrate.

Handbrake piece dismantled and cleaned up too. For those who aren't familiar with the 309 this piece houses the controls for cool feature allowing the opening of the rear windows via levers operating a cable mechanism. For those of you who are familiar with 309's you'll know that this feature rarely works after all these years, and yes it was the cause of the non closing drivers side rear window.
Most owners seem to choose to remove this feature, but not me, if it can be repaired it will be.

The Mrs was taking it remarkably well at this point considering that our house was filled with interior parts. Apparently an almost fully assembled 309 interior in the living room is not modern art!
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