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Originally Posted by Rian View Post
They would but the discount still wouldn't be grate enough to be able to factor in shipping for the same price they do in china, most of the pads are close to wholesale prices and if you look on aliexpress they do state discounts like 5% for orders over 20 pcs e.g

and they also have huge agreements will shipping companies, how do you think they can ship it to us at such a low cost, you cant do that in the UK

Lets put it this way if I could get 100 pads for 10% cheaper than you can, would I be able to sell them for the same price and still make money whilst factoring in shipping as the cheapest tracked in the uk for 1kg or less is around 2.50 alone, so even if you just wanted 1 pad its going to cost atleast the price of shipping then what the merchant paid for it and then their mark up on top, do the mats please
10% isn't a lot for wholesale discount. You are usually looking at 50% depending on quantity, but 20pcs isn't wholesale.

Most of the pads for sale in UK are from china, its just uk companies stamp their name on the back and whack on a huge mark up, whereas buying direct from china, you avoid that. If you can find a company that imports to the Uk without adding the branding mark up, you'll be quids in.

Either that or buy 1000 units for 1 each, stamp them \rians pads and make a killing.

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