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Originally Posted by Rian View Post
But that wouldn't be the same price as directly from China I would have to pay to send them to be branded and then pay to ship them to you and I would have to pay for storage, and my seller fees and packing that would push it up to aroudn 5-10 per pad wouldn't it ?

Im not disputing I could make a killing my point is no one from the UK can buy and sell the pads at the same cost you can get them directly from china.

And who is going to by 1000 cheap Chinese pads

so 1 a pad, 2.50 shipping 20p branding and 10p for packing materials, thats about 4 a pad with no profit. I can buy 3 chinese pads for under 2 delivered

Your argument is not valid as the post is about a UK seller being able to sell pads at a chinese price and its not feasible simple !
im afraid your wrong. Ive literally just bought some - 20 for 10 pads inc postage. See the ebay links in the thread. Ok, its not 66p per pad as you claim you can buy but its still massively cheaper than the branded ones. (working out at 2 a pad delivered and claim to not be the cheap Chinese type. we will see)

anyway, im out. im happy to have paid 20 for 10 pads from a UK seller rather than 9 per pad.

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