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Originally Posted by Andy1972 View Post
im afraid your wrong. Ive literally just bought some - 20 for 10 pads inc postage. See the ebay links in the thread. Ok, its not 66p per pad as you claim you can buy but its still massively cheaper than the branded ones. (working out at 2 a pad delivered and claim to not be the cheap Chinese type. we will see)

anyway, im out. im happy to have paid 20 for 10 pads from a UK seller rather than 9 per pad.
Im not wong this link

you can buy 3x 6inch hex pads for 2.39 that is 79p per pad

Please show me where you can buy 3 pads for that cheap in the UK as the post was where can you buy pads from the UK at Chinese prices and youve not showed me yet,

2 per pad is not Chinese prices but they probably will be Chinese pads just marked up.

No one in the Uk will be able to ship you 3 pads for 2.39 its simple, if you dont want to be proved wrong then I suggest doing your research and only givving you OPINION when its correct
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