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Thank you for the tip regarding curing time. There are no instructions with the sample kit or the tins, so I was pretty much just feeling my way with it today and trying to remember what I'd read online.

Yes, I left both the 1000P and the 2685 maybe only a couple of minutes today and buffed off once they passed the "swipe test". I'll be able to get the rest of the car up to standard properly now and I gather from the blurb on the Finish Kare website that the 2685 will improve with layering.

Superb! Yes, I really enjoyed applying these products. Any tips on which shampoo is best for maintenance, along with the 425 spray? Perhaps the 1016 shampoo, which is listed as having the anti-static properties? I also have Duragloss 901 which I think would make a good partner.
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