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New mini or new full size?

I'm after a bit of help.

I've just bought some new EXO4 and have been advised to give the car a light polish before application. I don't have a problem with this and I have a machine already, but it is one of the Cocraft (Clas Ohlsen) pro plus machines. So I thought about buying a mini to go along with it (maybe the vertool or the in2detailing one) to make it easier to polish the smaller areas. I've polished the car previously and it was a bit of a chore with the bigger throw of the other machine. I'm also concerned that due to the size of it paint corners and edges are vulnerable. I'm not after perfection so I'm not trying to get in to really tight areas, it's just for areas like the bumpers, top of the boot lid, top of the arches, etc, etc.

Now my thoughts have changed to maybe getting one of the Das6 Pro's from CYC's group buy and then buying a 3 inch pad to go along with it. this would work out the same price as the dedicated mini but I may end up getting more use out of it as it provides more options. The Cocraft is fine but it is a big machine with a lot of throw and vibrates quite a bit. I bought it because it was cheap and I was just dipping my toe in to machine polishing.

So would you;

1 - Keep the Cocraft and get a mini to go with it
2 - Get a Das6 Pro and an extra 3 inch pad

Help and advice are appreciated.
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