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Mk6.5 Fiesta Zetec S & Fiesta Trailer OEM++

Bought the Fiesta in November 2015 to replace my Mk4 Golf, Had the Golf 2 years and to be fair it was relatively faultless, but it was only a 1.4 so it was time to move on!

I didn't really know what to replace it with, I was looking at normal 1.4TDCI Fiestas but then found the only 1.6TDCI Zetec S for sale in Ireland at the time so jumped at the chance!

It had some random Focus alloys and the rear lights were tinted (Looked awful IMHO) Had 98k Miles and I'm the 2rd owner (First Irish owner as is a UK import) But other than that it was an original unmodified car which is exactly what I wanted.

Focus alloys got swiftly removed and sold, Replaced by a set of Borbet 16'' (Original Fiesta Alloys) Came up as new, Not bad bad considering they were about 8 years old!

Then I added some electric colour coded mirrors and a pair of G3 Wind Deflectors,

Then had the chance to buy back some alloys I sold a few months previous to me buying the Fiesta came up, So they were quickly purchased and tyres swapped over from the 8 Spokes

Rub Strips and Door Handles got colour coded, ST150 Side Skirts were sourced and had them painted to match. (Correctly fitted by using original clips not tigersealed to death like most!)
Then a Tripple R Composites front splitter and bonnet lip and an eBay 'S' badge were fitted.

Front brakes needed replacing, So decide I'd upgrade them to ST170 300mm Front and a 280mm rear disc conversion. A simple upgrade using original Ford parts that just bolt straight on!

Wasn't a fan of the original cloth interior, Wanted full leather but they were fairly hard to come by as I specifically wanted the correct Zetec S seats, ST are the exact same with the addition of an ST logo on the backrest which I didn't like!

30th Anniversary/Celebration chequer door sills got added, Matching DMB Graphics heater rings. Replaced the original 6000 CD radio with the factory optional Sony. And an Armster II Armrest to complete it!

To carry on the chequered theme I had the the roof wrapped, Similar idea to the Anniversary/Celebration models but it's all individual squares in charcoal black rather than one piece in black/white.

Then a set of alloys came up for sale that I didn't even know they existed but a bit of Googling later told me they were a rare option and slightly wider and lower offset than my current ones. (16x6.5J ET40 compared to 16x7J ET35!)

Shown in the 1990s Rs Accessory Catalogue for the Puma and Mondeo.

Had them powdercoated and wrapped in Hankooks Ventus Prime 3,

Managed to find a 5th matching wider alloy on eBay, So got the tyres swapped over with my current spare so I now had a proper set of 5!
7J on left, 6.5J on right

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