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From looking around online, It was an option when new to have Bluetooth and Voice Control, Mine didn't have this!

So I set about trying to retrofit it, First off the column stalk controls for the radio needed fitting.... Luckily Ford had all Mk6.5 pre wired with the wire being tapped to another loom so it was just a case of finding the wire and getting the stalk and column plastics and connecting it all up.

Next I bought the Nokia module and microphone from a breakers, Luckily Ford do a retrofit loom for this (Although it ain't cheap!) but it's a straight forward fit. The loom takes power from radio, Connects to Nokia module behind glove box and also extends to connect to the microphone on the drivers A pillar.

Connected it all up and it works as it should!

Was even sad enough to rename my phone's Bluetooth so I could have this on the display!

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