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Hi to all from the Sunny Brisbane, Australia.

New member here.
I have watched a number of Alfie videos and while his % calls are a bit of a rubbish from the scientific point of view i do like his comments as he calls it as he sees it. I did however pick up from him a more precise way to measure the PIR ratio of the snow foam mixture. The old saying of an inch at the bottom of 1L bottle just never cut with me.

Anyhow, over the years i have developed my own way to wash my car. The first few steps are
1) PW the car to get any loose dirt out
2) Use AG Multiwash TFR diluted as per pump sprayer ration. And spray the whole car with it, since the car is already wet the dilution ration is super safe and does work quire good on any oily Traffic Film. It this is my main cleaning product.
3) Mix around 50ml of car shampoo (depends on the brand) to 500ml of warm/hot water in the foam lance. I then use this to foam the car while the TFR is on it. This way the "mostly useless car shampoo" is used to increase the dwell time of the main cleaning solution.
4) After 5-8 mins, PW the whole car. Removing both the TFR and car shampoo snow foam

There is another reason for my method, but that for another post.

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