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Originally Posted by tosh View Post
To be fair, I think that original price was optimistic - other resellers are selling at 349 with no discount; direct from Germany in Euros works out to around 340 as well*.

Still interested, as it has a longer warranty and will be built better (more consistent) than the competition.

*I'm sure someone will find someone selling it cheaper, no doubt.
IMHO the XFE should be less than 300 because its a just a finishing tool and not really built like the 3401 to cut + polish + finish and like ammo said you can buy the bigger brother 3401 for 295 new from clean your car and your getting the top of the range beast plus 2 years warranty. spending more than 300 you'd expect to flawlessly do all 3 which this XFE doesn't, also selling this XFE for more than the superior model is only going to bring negative reviews/refunds especially when the price was 30 cheaper few weeks ago and now priced similar to the much sort after Rupes mk2.
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