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Originally Posted by daimler_jag View Post
IMHO the XFE should be less than 300 because its a just a finishing tool and not really built like the 3401 to cut + polish + finish and like ammo said you can buy the bigger brother 3401 for 295 new from clean your car and your getting the top of the range beast plus 2 years warranty. spending more than 300 you'd expect to flawlessly do all 3 which this XFE doesn't, also selling this XFE for more than the superior model is only going to bring negative reviews/refunds especially when the price was 30 cheaper few weeks ago and now priced similar to the much sort after Rupes mk2.
Have you tried the mk2? It's still got problems

And who says it's just a finishing machine polisher, I think before you start assuming about this new polisher from renown flex that you should buy it and then put your review up so we could all see

This new polisher will do all three stages but probably doesn't have the power like the 3401 which I have, but will out perform the new mk2 15mm Rupes which I have when they come back in stock and people start buying them (like me) you will probably find a large number saying this s a 100 times better than the Rupes
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