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Originally Posted by GWRFlyer View Post
I see on the AutoGlym website on the FAQ's that "We would not recommend that Magma is used on wrapped vehicles." I have one car that has PPF applied to the front, and one car that has decals on it. Should I stay clear of this product or just be careful where I apply it ?
Originally Posted by blurb View Post
I'm interested in this too as I have PPF type protection on my headlamps.
Airborne metal fallout can sometimes be hot, angle grinding spark/dust for example. This can penetrate the PPF or vinyl wrap while it is still hot and create a 'crater' or hole.

Applying any fallout remover/magma could compromise the foil/vinyl in the crater reducing the PPF/vinyl bond or possibly leaching into the foil/vinyl.

This is a case of us being safe rather than sorry. In many cases it may be perfectly fine, but as it isn't in all cases, we do not advise it.
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