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I was with Nanolex, it got real demoted, and now am Gtechniq for last 2 cars. C1, C5, CS, Exo, C2, QD all exceptional imho. And they work together so well. G wash complements 2BM perfectly. C2 is perfect drying agent.

Above good for paint and alloys. C5 topped with C2 is my choice there.

C5 Citrus foam underwhelming.

C2 is the product I use most. Everywhere apart from tyres and screen.

G6 and a waffle cloth is best glass cleaner I know, just pipping AG Fst Glass ime. G5 water repellent coating only gets used on shower glass these days. Car gets C2..

W6 I prefer to iron X as its thicker, but don't need to use that often.

T1 is very good tyre gel. T2 useless water

Li got used on shoes n jackets.

Yet to use C6 matte dash...

I tried Gyeon Wetcoat and was impressed. But it was on top all of above, so I'd expect it to repel and bead. I. Tried on near naked Honda Jazz paint and it was merely OK.

My (amateur) view is that all of the SiO2 products on market can deliver same qualities - slick, water and dirt shedding etc. It's down to the formulation and flashing agents etc, that decree exactly how well these products go on, wipe off and last.

That's why I take the 'system' approach and don't mix n match so much.

....although I do mess around with BSD etc - as long as paint is clean, smooth, clear and the base coatings are good.
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