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Originally Posted by Supa Koopa View Post
Well after checking my water flow from the tap in garage last night (over 16l/min) and a brief email back and forth with Kranzle I'm now leaning more towards a HD10/122.

Who wants to lay odds on how long it takes me to get sick of not being able to move it around easily and how much of a pain it is trying to coil the hose back up. I can see a hose reel in my future...!

I was in same situation as you but after lots of chats with William at Kranzle sorted me out a good deal, I had made a 7/122 mixed with 1152 which is called a quiet 152
So I have a 7/122 on wheels, with hose on reel, all attachments,
Q/R Etc, Etc.
Cannot thank William enough, I was looking at a long term investment and after two of the yellow machines in 5 years broke down, this was a no brainer. Good luck. Kranzle was second to none in information, advice and no hard sell, works for me : Thumb

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