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Originally Posted by FJ1000 View Post
So you don’t see any link between how the country is doing and how individuals are doing?

You realise that “the economy” is the sum of all individuals and businesses?

I’ll give you an individual example though. My industry is likely to take a hit if/when we leave - jobs are already leaving the UK. That impacts my job security and pay. Higher inflation because of the GBP devaluation means my purchases cost more. Rate rises because of high inflation will push mortgage rates up. My already stretched local hospital has an even bigger shortage of nurses.

1. You say you’d be happy with 100% inflation - you’d definitely be in the minority. If the cost of food went up a tenth of that, people would starve.

2. BREXIT has nothing to do with a living wage. That’s not even on the table. If you thought that’s what you were voting for, you were either lied to or not paying attention. Seems a lot of leavers confuse several issues into their desire to leave the EU.

3. BREXIT effectively hands more power to the tories, and is well understood to be a drag on the economy - making a living wage LESS likely

I’d agree, but there is a friction cost to such a system. Also there is plenty of evidence that migrants are: more likely to be in work than native Brits, contributing positively to the country financially, and not able to claim benefits as easily as the right-wing tabloids would make out.

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Guess that is your opinion, more people voted to leave the EU than stay, are you saying the ones that wanted to leave all got it wrong? some of the are very prominent business people and know a lot more that either you or me will do
you just need to get over losing the referendum and make the most of it, as for the bit about about evidence that migrants work harder, that could also be a misinformation from the papers/google or whatever.
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