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Originally Posted by spursfan View Post
As pointed out Kerr, Farmers seem to be like bookmakers, never see a poor one round our way, all driving newish Range Rovers/Land rovers.
To be fair working on a farm does require a capable 4x4.

Everyone does appear to only notice the rich farmers. There is facts out there to show it's not the case for many and I'm not sure how anyone can dismiss fact over their theory or opinion.

Originally Posted by spursfan View Post
Guess that is your opinion, more people voted to leave the EU than stay, are you saying the ones that wanted to leave all got it wrong? some of the are very prominent business people and know a lot more that either you or me will do
you just need to get over losing the referendum and make the most of it, as for the bit about about evidence that migrants work harder, that could also be a misinformation from the papers/google or whatever.
You just have to listen to many people why they voted to leave. The reasons many voted to leave simply won't happen. I'd bet if the vote was held again next week stay would win by a margin.

From what I see I would also agree that the working culture of the youth today lacks badly. It's hard to get many to work for spending hours on their phone.

As many employers tell you it's often only Eastern Europeans applying for jobs and many will also say they do work harder. Too many people think hard labour is beneath them.

This country would be in a mess without their contribution.
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