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I'd like to see an agreed, technical, test method for waxes and sealants with a proper, measured comparison made of popular waxes from budget to extortionate/high end.

I'm new to this detailing mularkey but it strikes me that there are a lot of products out there which may not be worth the money over cheaper alternatives. There may also be a few lesser known products which should be shouted out. It needs to be across the board, for example testing a Swissvax product directly with a Soft99 product.

It seems to be human nature to accept that if it costs more, it will give you a better shine, therefore the manufacturers bump up the cost because they know that's how we think.
It's about time these products were independently tested and measured in the correct technical manner.
Also, I'm trying to convince my wife that spending £xx for a spoonful of XXX is really worth it!
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