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The bit as I see that is missing from all of the replies is technique, removal rates and the time it takes to achieve a desired result. As a pro with paying customers it is speed to make a living versus a weekend enthusiast who has all the time in the world to get the desired result.

You could sand your wooden floor with fine paper if you are willing to spend many hours. You want to complete the job sooner so you use a course paper first and then have to go up in grades to remove the previous sanding marks to get a really smooth finish.

You could polish your car with something like Scholl S30 and spend days getting rid of a particular deeper mark along with the swirls but you want to get the job done sooner so you use a polish with more cut and then a finer one to refine the finish.

If the first polish is a particularly heavy cutting compound then like the wood sanding you might use an intermediate polish first before going to the finishing polish.
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