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Update - 2nd wash

After 17 days and 571 km. Temperature was 9 deg. C and sunny.

Products used were:
Surf city garage rinse free wash&wax
Serious performance QD
Gyeon silk dryer

To make things more interesting I thought I would give you my product opinion on Surf city rinse free.
Its packed in about 1l bottle with the pop up cap that lets you spill it out which is very useful. The instructions say to use 60ml in 15l of water which is way too much solution. I used 30ml in 7,5l (2 gallons) and for the pre-spray I used another 30ml in about 1,2l of tap water (15-20 should also be fine to save some product). The solution is green and it smells nice and fruity but I can not put my finger on it what the scent is but again its nice.
One thing I have notice using this is that although its not very strong at dissolving dirt it really is very lubricated, and I mean verrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy lubricated. The sponge I used glided on the surface and water sheeted down on the protected surface leaving behind only droplets to wipe away. It also leaves some sort of short term protection behind (polymer or carnauba I assume) that lasts about a week. The wax part of the product also leaves behind lots of gloss as shown in the pictures below.
I have also made a waterless mix out of it in 9:1 mix ratio and used it a couple of times and its nice. With a good adjustable sprayer head I can create a fine mist on the surface that traps light dust&dirt so that the soft plush towel can lift it safely away.
Its a product I can say it works and it works really well and its something I would use again if I wanted a wash&wax product.

State of the car before the wash:

The wash:

State of the car after the wash:

Thank you for watching...till next time

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