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Originally Posted by Bear_Ash View Post
Morning Buddy,

Thank you for this I am pleased you like the triggers as this is a recent change.
I was fairly happy with the first triggers I choose but after some feedback and another look they just didn't do the iron remover or wheel cleaner justice.
So after resting I decided to change the whole range and upgrade to the triggers you received. With these they handle product a lot better and you can go from a ultra fine mist for a detailer to a stronger jet for a wheel cleaner or pre wash.

for me its all part of making sure the product and packaging work as well as they can and with these new triggers I belive its now 100%
Ash, I love these triggers. One of the best I’ve used. Ergonomically spot on. Be keen to see how they last over time, especially with product like fallout removers through them.
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