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Originally Posted by headcount View Post
Is 2000 grit wet n dry a good paper to use?
It depends on how big the "bump" is. If it is quite proud I would go coarser to take it down a bit. Say 1000 on a very small block done very patiently. Once you can see the bump disappear and almost level then go down to 2000, with 1500 in between if you have it.

It's hard to say without seeing it but the aim is to take the top off and touch as little around it as you can. It's inevitable that you are going to sand around it so when you see it blend in use as fine a paper as you have. Use it wet.

You will be surprised how good you can get it to look if you really go slow and methodical. You can buy packs of wet and dry from Halfords that go from around 1000-2500.

Good luck.
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