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My neighbour has a mobility car. In the 3 years she's had it she has never washed it. Even though she has family that could do it I offered my help. It was terrible but took me 8 hours to do and she was really pleased with it. I wanted to do so much more.

When we detail we get intimate with the car, we know every mark, new marks we take personally but I feel there is something to be proud of here. I take a great pride in keeping a car nice. We had our last car 16 years and it was cleaner than any new car on the street so it is taking a pride in something for me that's important.

I do though always want to wrap the car in cling film when washed. Put a bouncy castle over it in car parks (when parked in the corner of it, 2 miles away) and fret over it when we're out which takes a little fun out of it for me. But it's a car that's supposed to be driven and enjoyed. As long as I enjoy cleaning it I will carry on because it is my thing and I love walking up to it when I come back being parked up and I stand and admire the work that's gone into it.
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