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I gave up trying to have a perfect condition car as a daily, had a 3 month old C63s that was unmarked and as new only done 1k miles.
Too many things out of your control no matter how careful you are.
For instance I was sat outside my lads school in the car minding my own business when a woman in a brand new rr sport come roaring in and hit the front of my car. Also was driving on a dual carriage way and had no option but to drive past a transit tipper dropping fine shingle/sand out the back at 60mph.
When I got home and checked it had basically sandblasted the nsf headlight and bumper. ****ed me off so much I sold the car.
Just have a 6 year old Volvo D5 now done 70k miles and has the odd minor mark but still keep it just as clean and if the odd small thing does happen to it then I don’t feel like I’m going to explode as at the end of the day accidents do happen and other people can be very careless.

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